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Google Analytics, known now as GA4, is an excellent system/schema that has been setup by Google to track behavior of your site users.  There are hundreds of dimensions and metrics within the GA4 schema that provide you valuable information about your users' behavior. One of the really nice benefits of using GA4 is that there is the ability to export your GA4 data to BigQuery at a minimal cost so you can analyze your data outside of the GA4 interface.  You are less restricted and as long as you can do SQL, amazing analysis can be pulled from your data sitting in BigQuery.

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GA4 Based On Events

GA4 data is based on events. Everything in GA4 is based off of an event, whether its first_visit, session_ start, page_ view or it could be a a custom event that was setup within Google Tag Manager. There are events that Google automatically sends to GA4 such as scroll and page_view and there are also events that you create yourself.

GA4 Export to BigQuery

A really nice feature of GA4 is the ability to setup an export with BigQuery. When a copy of your GA4 data is sitting in BigQuery as raw data, you can use SQL to query the data. You have the ability to pull insights you normally can't pull from the GA4 interface. There is an explore section within GA4, however the insights are sampled and it is not so user-friendly.

Setup Custom Dimensions

If you want to see custom data within Explore or if you are connecting the data to a Looker Studio dashboard, you will need to setup that custom data as custom dimensions within the GA4 platform.

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