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Google Tag Manager is an extremely powerful application that allows you to send data back to Google Analytics as well as other platforms such as Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, etc in the form of tags. Each tag is associated with a trigger that allows you to send data back to Google Analytics, for example, based on certain conditions. Variables also allow you to send certain bits of data back that are important to your site. Ultimately, the point of using Google Tag Manager is to pull the most important events/data off of your site, such as signups, newsletters and purchases. When those events get back to GA4, the more important events can be identified as conversions. You can also, within GA4, export data to BigQuery where you can pull even more interesting insights from your data using SQL.

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Tags within Google Tag Manager are used to send data back to the 3rd party vendor, whether it be Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Meta, etc. There are 100s of possibilities where you can send data back to. So, in that regard, Google Tag Manager plays the role of being the central hub for all the data that comes out of your website.


Triggers are used to send tag data to the 3rd party platforms. Triggers can be based on many elements on the page, including page url, element classes or ids


Google Tag Manager will already provide users with built in variables, such the text on the button (click text), but we also have the ability to create our own variables that we can ultimately put into a tag and send back to the 3rd party platforms.

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